Thursday, March 9, 2017

17 Days of Beauty and the Beast - Day 9: Philippe

Poor Philippe. Despite the fact that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite film of all time, I can still acknowledge certain parts of it that upset me. One particular moment that chafes me is when Maurice is on his way to the fair with Philippe. When offered two paths, Philippe chooses the safer one, but Maurice tugs on the reigns to go down the darker path. Then, when wolves overtake them and things seem dire, Maurice exclaims "Where have you taken us, Philippe?!" Every time, I yell at my TV "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO MADE HIM GO THAT WAY!" (ahem)

Tom and I have a soft spot for Disney horses. There are so many sweet ones with great character,  including Philippe. This three-panel shirt is from Hot Topic, of course, and is no longer available. I'm wearing it with a black lace skirt and a wide black belt I wear so very often, I'm surprised I've held off on including it in an ensemble until today.

Philippe, like all of the plush I've shared in my posts so far, is available through the Disney Store.

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