Monday, March 13, 2017

17 Days of Beauty and the Beast - Day 13: Dancing

I have four or five of these silk circle skirts in different colors, sent to me three years ago or so by a friend. They are all so marvelous to wear, swishing and swirling around my ankles as I walk or spin or as the breeze catches me.

I'm wearing this skirt with a long sleeved stained glass pattern shirt, purchased from Hot Topic a couple years ago. The design was quite popular, so even though it's no longer available, I bet it's somewhere on eBay if you wanted to find it!

I'm wearing a watch cameo necklace, also from Hot Topic, with the same design on it. I apparently have a bit of a fixation on the stained glass designs from the movie. It's a pity I'm guessing they aren't going to tell Beast's backstory in the form of stained glass in the new movie, from the teasers I've seen. To me it was a particularly beautiful moment, and engrossed the viewer in the fairy tale immediately.

 The khussa-style slippers are purple dupioni and were a gift from another friend. The blur is from spinning around and around and around.....

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