Wednesday, March 8, 2017

17 Days of Beauty and the Beast - Day 8: Purple Princess

Purple is my favorite color. I even wore a purple dupioni silk gown on my wedding day. So this is an especially fun outfit for me. The shirt is from Hot Topic, as are so many things I own ;)

I'm wearing a pair of cropped purple jeans with a brown belt (another Goodwill find years ago), and a crocheted purple flower head wreath made by my friend Jessica Freytag. I clipped in a handful of the purple hair streaks my hairdresser friend Salena helped me obtain a few weeks ago (I like that I can wear them or not wear them as my mood strikes me).

The last standout item with this ensemble are the Disney princess sneakers. Yep, Belle is on there. I got these from Target last spring, and with inserts, they were comfortable enough to wear at the parks! (Just for one day...I wouldn't recommend them as your only park shoes!)


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