Monday, March 6, 2017

17 Days of Beauty and the Beast - Day 6: Lumiere Cartoon Gothic

I call today's outfit "Cartoon Gothic." I really tried to ham it up for the photos, imagining myself wandering through the corridors of a mysterious old castle, Lumiere in tow lighting the way.

The tank top is from Hot Topic. I love the image on it, but don't wear it often because shirts with that dumb "dip down" curve on the front were NOT made for hourglass figures. It emphasizes all the wrong things in my hip/waist area. Recently I realized that I could just have mom help me cut it straight across in the front. Hopefully when I do that, I'll end up wearing it more often.

I decided to try wearing it almost like a corset, with a cobalt blue peasant blouse underneath, a brown rose in my hair, and a blue heavy crushed velvet floor length skirt, with a patterned ribbon belt at the waist.        

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