Sunday, March 12, 2017

17 Days of Beauty and the Beast - Day 12: *That* Yellow Dress

In cinema history, there are dresses that become iconic. That word is so often overused, but I can think of very few other gowns in Disney animated history that are so quickly recognized and so elementary to the character as Belle's yellow (gold) gown. Love it or hate it, it was THE gown from the ballroom scene, a revolutionary moment in animation history when an until-then rather static camera eye view in animated films turned into a sweeping swooping scene, with the camera angle diving down from chandeliers and catching her underskirts as Beast caught Belle up in his arms.

A couple years ago, Tom and I were planning our second Disney World trip, and I wanted something special to wear to Be Our Guest restaurant. I really wanted a yellow dress. And then, like magic, one appeared, at JCPenny. Yes, today is my first Disneybound of this challenge, since the dress is technically not officially Beauty and the Beast merchandise. But look! There's a stained glass-esque rose pattern on the yellow bodice. It's perfect.

Disneybound though it might be, I AM wearing an official licensed item: the tree branch necklace Belle wears in the new forthcoming film with her version of the yellow gown. It's available from...three guesses...Hot Topic.

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