Tuesday, March 7, 2017

17 Days of Beauty and the Beast - Day 7: Cogsworth

Yesterday was Lumiere's day to shine. And what's Lumiere without his "Overgrown Pocket Watch" comrade, Cogsworth? Today's outfit is dedicated to this tightly wound but lovable character. I'm wearing one of my favorite Beauty and the Beast t-shirts, with a retro movie-poster-esque design on the front. I believe this shirt was from Target, but it was from a couple years ago and is likely  no longer available.

To mimic the gilding on Cogsworth's lovely self, I'm wearing sunflowers in my hair, and a gold wrap ribbon belt. I've paired this with a sheer black pleated high-low skirt and simple ballet flats. An easy comfortable outfit. After all..."If it's not Baroque, don't fix it!"

Finally, I wanted to share my Beauty and the Beast limited edition magic band. Magic bands are used at Disney World to do everything from open your hotel room door to paying for all that you buy and getting into the parks and onto rides. The new magic band style has a removable puck at the top that makes the design look quite a bit like a watch, so I thought it was apropos to wear with this ensemble. I believe the magic band is still available to buy on the Shop Disney Parks app.


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