Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Disney Dresses Round-Up

I absolutely love wearing dresses to Disney World. And there's no reason not to: they are cool, comfortable, stylish, and with the addition of a pair of yoga shorts or capris, there's no fear of sudden breezes!

Here are a few of my recent favorite finds for Disney dresses...

(Caveat: Most of these I don't own. Sharing these links does not indicate an endorsement of the website/company, so purchase at your own risk!)

Tangled Sundress 

I love the soft purple color, the sweetheart neckline, and the silhouetted objects. I could totally see this one with a pair of flower crown mouse ears.

Galaxy Princess Dress

This one might have to come home with me soon. I love the cosmic princess silhouettes! And the price, even with shipping added, is quite affordable.

Magic Kingdom Map Skater Dress

I'm quite the penny pincher, and the price is the only thing that has kept me from buying this dress already.

Multiple Fun  Patterns Available!

Personally I'm eyeing the Haunted Mansion portrait pattern. This dress is described as a "pre-order," but I believe a few ladies on Disney Facebook groups have received their dresses. Again though, I have NOT ordered from this company yet.

And of course Hot Topic has at least a dozen more unique Disney dress designs to choose from, including this gorgeous Sleeping Beauty dress in a design I think is super flattering.

Today I am wearing my Amazon-purchased Beauty and the Beast skater dress. A lot of these Disney-themed skater dresses are quite short, so if you want to make them work appropriate, or add a touch of boho charm, I recommend layering another skirt underneath the dress, in one of the colors in the dress pattern. This skirt is a teal green silk skirt I love to use for layering. It makes these dresses even more wearable and a lot more Mori Girl.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Disney Flower Crown Wire Mouse Ears from Mouse of Fashion

 Today we have the honor of a guest post by my friend, Jennifer Mata of Mouse of Fashion. She makes all sorts of incredible Disney-related outfits, Disneybound accessories, and has recently started making Disney mouse ears with delicate wires for the ears. She is going to share a step by step DIY for the project, easily adaptable to any theme.

Flower Mouse Ears Tutorial

Hi all!

I've been having such a great time creating these wire mouse ears lately,I thought it would be fun to share how I do it.

I've recently become very inspired by all the beautiful art nouveau style Disney princess images I've been seeing online, and it seemed to me that it would be something that would translate nicely into wearable mouse ears.

I've been creating custom ears for a while now, but for these I wanted my medium to be a little different from what I usually work with. Wire has several advantages--its delicate look complements the femininity and romantic feel of the flowers, and on the practical side, keeps the ears lightweight and comfortable to wear--important for long days of fun in the parks!

Floral wire seemed ideal for this project, especially because it comes packaged in perfect coils (I have a thing for my mouse ears being perfectly round  ) and all you have to do is pull the individual wire circles slightly apart and snip! It is easy to work with, and comes in varied colors. I've found gold, silver, green,purple and red. (Of course if you don't find the color you want you can always spray paint the wire or wrap it in colored fun tape)

To get started you will need:

- A flexible headband ( I use Goody headbands, because they come in multicolor packs, which I like, but you could use any headband you prefer, and wrap ribbon around it to customize color.)

- Floral wire of your color choice

- Wire cutters, or scissors you only use for this purpose (floral wire is quite soft and cuts easily, but it will ruin your good sewing scissors!)

- electrical tape

- hot glue

- glue gun

- An assortment of embellishments of your choice: silk flowers, beads, faux "gems", etc

For this tutorial and in honor of the new movie coming out (that I'm soooo excited about!) I'm making Finding Nemo/ Finding Dory themed flower ears--but the basic construction is the same for any theme you choose--after that, it's all about utilizing your own creativity and imagination!

Step 1 :

Cut your circles apart. For me, the size these come in is already perfect, and all you have to do is pull the circles apart gently and cut. Done this way, you will get enough for approximately 3 sets of ears ( six individual wire circles). Floral wire is soft and easily bendable, so you can also make your own larger or smaller circles, as you like.

Step 2 :

Take the electrical tape and wrap around the cut edges of the wire, to cover any sharp parts and to join the circle.

Step 3 :

With more tape, attach your wire mouse ears to the headband base, making sure they are placed evenly, and wrap the tape snugly and as flat as possible ( the taped areas will be entirely hidden by flowers and other pretties when your ears are finished )

Note: electrical tape works best for this, but you could also use thin cut strips of duct tape. Do not try to use any other kind of tape--it won't stay put over time, and won't be flexible enough).

Step 4:

The fun part!

Gather your silk flowers and other embellishments and get creative! I start out by using silk leaves and covering all areas where the tape is showing first. That way you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Now, just glue everything in place.

In addition to flowers, beads (I've even seen people bead the actual wire ears, which can look very pretty), faux "gems", small toys (as long as they don't make your headband too heavy to wear comfortably), ribbon, shells etc. can be used to make your ears extra fancy!

For my Finding Dory ears, I used silk leaves, an assortment of orange, yellow and blue flowers, some glass gems, and assorted shells.

I was originally also wanting to incorporate little toy figures of the characters, but then I found these adorable 3-D paper scrapbooking stickers that seemed perfect, so I used those instead (I glued them on).

(Remember that if you want to include paper ephemera, you will want to seal/waterproof it)

And....Ta Da!!  Here's my finished Finding Nemo/Finding Dory mouse ears!! I'm rather happy with how they turned out.

So, happy creating! And if you would like to share photos of the ears you make using this tutorial, please do--we would love to see them!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Disney Ensemble Today

Today I wore an outfit that made me feel especially "fey-Disney"-ish, so I wanted to share it.

Of course I had my flower crown on, but also...

My Mori Girl Minnie pin I bought during our last trip. I loove this pin, which can still be purchased if you search the Parks buying app under "Bohemian Minnie."

The shirt I got on our trip last October, and I love the whole "shape of Mickey made from roses." I think this one might be on the parks app still too.

 And my charm bracelet.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Post-Disney Depression and the Anxious Girl

Art by Peter Ellenshaw

On May 10th, 17 days ago, there was a single moment when I realized our Disney vacation was over. My husband and I were sitting in the airport, waiting at the terminal to board our plane, and I was snacking on some McDonalds fries while I tried to call our neighbor who was watching our cat while we were gone to let her know that we were on schedule to get home around midnight that night. But I couldn't reach her. I knew she had an answering machine, but her line just kept ringing, like the power was out. And very quickly I could feel it: my monkey mind returning, my anxiety brain churning out worst case scenarios and imagining a tornado swooping down our street in central Ohio. I felt my heart sink, not because of what I feared, but because of my fear itself. Oh. There it was. For six blissful days I hadn't felt it once, hadn't dealt with my anxiety or OCD. I was just fine; more than fine, I was in my happy place, where imagination can be real, and dreams come true. And now I had to leave, and remember that not only was the everyday world a different place, but I was a different person in it.

You might have heard the story that went viral around the internet a while back, about the girl who met Peter Pan and he told her she was beautiful. Here it is, in case you haven't:

This story went viral because it's a perfect example of the sort of magic you find at Disney parks...not just free hot dogs or a glitter wand dusted over your head, but moments that touch you deeply, a feeling of being in a world where other people truly care. And a place where no matter what you deal with in your every day, you can rest for a moment, be still for a while, and be ok. 

When I am at Disney, the fearful voice in my mind that needs to know that everything is under my control and nothing is going to break or die or collapse or be ruined is quieted for a while. I am staying on Disney property: I don't have to worry about repairing the tub if it leaks. I am staying on Disney property: someone is going to drive me where I need to go. My meals will be delicious, my days will be filled with fun activities, and people won't think I'm crazy if I want to wear mouse ear flower crowns and carry around my stuffed animal in my backpack all day and cry when I see the ballroom from Beauty and the Beast come to life before my very eyes.


When I get home from Disney, I try to carry that magic with me. For at least a week or two afterward, I make eye contact with everyone I meet, and smile. I engage people in conversation even if they are perfect strangers. I look for what I have in common with everyone, and try to find opportunities to make someone's day brighter. And then the real world slowly creeps back in. My smiles are greeted with furtive, nervous glances or outright glares. And I return to my normal, not grumpy or mean, but apathetic, default self.

Here's another story about Disney that is similar and makes me cry, where a young lady who had anxiety and was suicidal met Merida, and she told her to "be brave." These are not isolated incidents people. Disney magic helps heal and make us better than we were before.


And always there is the memory of Disney. When I say that every time we go there, it gets harder and harder to leave, and the PDD (Post-Disney Depression) gets worse, I'm not talking about the longing to be back in 90 degree humidity with my hair a giant ginger puffball. I'm not referring to a desire to eat Dole Whips all day and spend $100 on supper for my husband and me. I'm talking about the way I feel when I'm there, the way that all of us who truly "get" Disney feel. I'm talking about the fact that I can spend months ahead of time creating buttons and necklaces and medals to give away, and know that instead of receiving an awkward look or a glare, my attempt at bringing cheer will actually...successfully bring cheer.

And yes, I'm talking about the fact that for just a few blissful moments, the cares of this world, the things that make us cut ourselves both literally and metaphorically, all fade away, and we remember not only the enjoyment of our childhood, but its innocence too.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mickey Kitchen Sinks / Mickey Pants Bowls

Last October, Tom and I got our first "Kitchen Sink" sundae at the Magic Kingdom. There are actually two sundae's in "the World" known as Kitchen Sinks. One is served at Beaches and Cream ice cream parlour on the Boardwalk. This one is jaw-droppingly massive and although I have never found the exact calorie content, it's rumored to be around 10,000 calories. This kitchen sink is a much more shareable four scoops of ice cream with topping and whipped cream, served in a special container that looks like a kitchen sink made from Mickey Mouse's red pants. You can get this special treat at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlour at the end of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom for $14.99.

And then you get to keep the Mickey Pants container/bowl! But what to do with it when you get home? You can, of course, save them to use for ice cream. That's certainly one use for them.

I've seen a few people use them for holding kitchen sink sponges and soaps.

Or to hold all those soaps and shampoos from your Disney trip.

by Dawn Thomas on Facebook

They can be used to hold candy for themed birthday parties and events (this is such a cute candy buffet!)

As a silly photo-op for Elf on the Shelf

And I've seen a few people make a beautiful moss topiary in the shape of Mickey heads using styrofoam balls, skewers, and moss.

Some people use them for vases for cut flowers:

Or fill with dirt and use them for succulents. This is the most likely thing I'm going to try with my two sinks.

Or with a Christmas Cactus


So what do you think? Any other ideas for reusing a Mickey Pants/Kitchen Sink bowl? Which is your favorite?

For those of us who have fond memories of the Kitchen Sink, there's even a Precious Moments statue featuring this new Disney classic dessert! If I was more of a Precious Moments fan, I would so need this.

Please note: I got the above images from Pinterest, and none were credited. If your image is included and you would like to be credited or for it to be removed, please just leave a comment and I'll be happy to do so.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My May 2016 Disney Trip Style Collage!

I had such a fun time putting together my outfits for our last trip to Disney World! I created a collage of all the outfits, and would be happy to share details on anything. Right click the image to open it in a new tab to see it at its largest and all the details (like my ears and necklaces!!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mousesteps - The Best Source for Disney News

If you've read through my trip posts, you might have noticed me refer to a Disney parks resource for all the latest information on entertainment in the Orlando area, and at all the Disney parks worldwide.

After we returned from our first Disney World trip in 2013, we got into the habit of watching YouTube videos about the parks every night before bed. It always seemed as if one YouTube channel's videos kept popping up in our searches, and were always among the best videos taken of any particular subject. It got to the point where if we did a search under a certain topic (Disney parades, fireworks, ride videos, etc) we would seek out the videos done by this channel. And then finally we just went straight to their YouTube page and started at their very first video, going through and watching all of them in order.

This resource I am talking about is Mousesteps, the website, the YouTube channel, and the half hour YouTube show they do, Mousesteps Weekly, summarizing what is happening in the world of Disney and in Orlando entertainment each week. Jeff and Denise have incredible rapport, and their YouTube videos are always a great blend of their personal opinions and unbiased information on what is up and coming. Both of them have been attending the parks for decades, and they pepper their videos with fascinating information on how the parks have changed over time. For instance, they might be discussing the changes in this year's Halloween party parade (Boo to You), and Jeff or Denise might observe that a new float is actually one that was used in a previous parade, just repainted and re-themed. Their videos are full of this sort of fun observation that any Disney fan will enjoy.

Mousesteps also has a Facebook page, and it's a great place to get up to the minute information on Disney details as major as new attraction openings, and as minor (but really important to us Disney-philes) as what new merchandise is available in the stores around Disney World. Their reviews of new restaurants, new Disney cruise offerings, and new attractions really aren't to be beat. And they even attend special events at the Disney resort hotels that might go largely unnoticed, like Cinco de Mayo celebrations, golf cart parades, and chocolate Easter egg decorating competitions.

My husband and I now consider Jeff and Denise to be friends, but we discovered them through YouTube, and continue to watch every new video they post!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Beauty and the Beast! New Trailer, Classic Style

This morning was an occasion I was eagerly anticipating all weekend: The first teaser trailer for the live action Beauty and the Beast movie debuted on Good Morning America.

Since this is a new blog, you all might not know yet, but Beauty and the Beast is both my favorite Disney movie, and my favorite movie of all time. The movie was released on November 22, 1991, and I remember I first saw it when my class went on a field trip to the theater to watch it. I was 11 years old, and the perfect formative age to be completely enraptured by it.

It remained on every list of my top ten favorite movies until a few years ago, when we went to Disney World for the first time in 2013. Every time we came across something Beauty and the Beast related, it made me cry and swell up with emotion. My husband was surprised by the extent of my reaction, and so was I. From then on, I had to admit to myself that this was my favorite movie, and one that meant far more to me than I had even realized.

I've read many versions of the story, many retelling and interpretations written for both children and adults. I've seen all the major versions of the film, the classic Cocteau, the Disney cartoon, the newest French Christophe Gans film that isn't easy to track down...and I love them all. 

So in case you haven't seen it, here's the teaser trailer:

I am quite quite pleased. Of course I think everyone would have liked to have seen a glimpse of the characters...Lumiere and Cogsworth and Beast and Belle and Gaston...or any of them or anyone else, but the atmosphere of this trailer is very exciting to me.

The dark, cobwebbed halls, parquet floor covered in leaves, and icicles hanging from the chandeliers are all very evocative of the dramatic fantasy inherent in both the Cocteau and the Gans films. The visual of the ballroom filled with leaves especially reminds me of the Gans version.

This is by no means a bad thing, as the Gans film is visually stunning.

I love the detail in the trailer of the icicles hanging from the chandeliers
We even get the most taunting glimpse of Belle!

My favorite detail from the trailer, however, has to be

Beast's portrait! One of the recurring criticisms of the Disney classic is that his portrait makes him look like he's in his 20s, but if you add together the age he's turning during the film (21) and the amount of time the curse has been going on (10 years) you discover that he would be 11 when the Enchantress cursed him. This is much better reflected by the portrait torn by the Beast in the trailer. Ahh, the details!!!

And now that I've squealed a bit about the trailer, let me share a couple of my favorite recent Beauty and the Beast purchases that I would recommend!

First there's the skater dress I wore the first day of our most recent trip to Disney World. I got this dress from Amazon, and I have to emphasize that it is a "one size fits some" situation, as are so many of the clothes available inexpensively online from Asia. It's currently available on Amazon here, though I don't think this is the seller I got it from. Amazon is pretty trustworthy though.

Then there's this absolutely fun skirt, also from Amazon. It's super cute and I love it, but at least on my body type it's *super* short. I'd likely never wear this without opaque tights or leggings underneath it.

Both pieces are a sort of stretchy almost bathing suit-like material, so is some give to the sizing. However, I am a dress size 6, and they barely fit me, so I'd definitely say they are only for 6 or under. If that describes you though, I highly recommend both pieces! The dress is even reversible, if you prefer a higher neckline.