Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Disneyland or Bust!

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Hello, strangers! I know, it has been a while since I've updated here. But it's not for lack of Disney spirit or for Disney content in my life! No, actually...Tom and I are gearing up for our next trip to a Disney park, coming up in a couple weeks! But this time, we are going to... Disneyland!! We are attending this year's D23 Convention in Anaheim, and then going to Disneyland for three park days afterward.

Which of course means that I've been sewing, altering, accessory-crafting, and creating like crazy to get my planned outfits and cosplay-lite ready for the convention and the park days! This year, though, I think I'm going to not share my outfit plans ahead of time, and let you see them in our park day posts...then after I'll share the details.

But we are ever-so eager to go to the original Disney theme park for the first time! In preparation, we've been watching oodles of videos on YouTube, which has been fascinating. We were only really familiar previously with the Disney World YouTubers, and have discovered all sorts of new fun favorites, among whom are...

Fresh Baked
Audrey Lee
Mr Cheezy Pop

Through these videos, we've gotten a better feel for Disneyland, and are better prepared for the ways in which it's similar, and the ways it's very different, from Walt Disney World.

So what are we looking forward to in our Disneyland visit that the park is known for?

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1. Spider-man!

Tom's favorite superhero is Spidey, and because of licensing and contracts, etc, he's only available at Universal Studios in Florida, not Disney. But in California, you can meet him at California Adventure, and you better believe Tom is looking forward to it.

Image from Disney Food Blog
2. Grown-Up Groot

Full-size grown up Groot is currently meeting at Disney's California Adventure as part of their Summer of Heroes event going on this summer.

Image from Disney Parks Blog
3. The Haunted Mansion

Of course it's my favorite ride at WDW, but I'm also excited to ride the original. AND to see the Hatbox Ghost! I have hopes that he will eventually make his way over to Disney World as well, but for now...at least I can make sure to see him! (Side note: when we ride the Haunted Mansion at WDW, we always wave to the Hatbox Ghost at his point in the ride. Because whether we see him or not, we still know he's there. I mean, he IS a ghost...)

Image from Disney Food Blog
4. Churros

Apparently they have Churros at Disney World as well, but they are inarguably one of the signature snacks at Disneyland. Having never had a churro before, I'm curious to try one...I just have to decide which kind to try!

Image from Disney Parks Blog

5. Fantasmic

The first day we spend in the parks is going to be the 61st anniversary of Disneyland...and also the triumphant return of a completely revamped Fantasmic! The version of Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios is Tom and my favorite night-time show at any WDW park, but I've also heard that once I've seen Disneyland's Fantasmic, nothing will compare. And of course even those who regularly go to Disneyland have been without their Fantasmic show for over a year.

There are more things we are eager to see, do, and experience, but this is our top five of Disneyland-exclusive experiences we're excited for!

Stay tuned for more Disneyland fun.