Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

New Princess Toile - Couldn't Resist

I couldn't help it. Even though when I'm on vacation in a week or so,  I have many Disney fashion sewing projects to already do (sewing my Minnie floral maxi dress, altering my Flower Crowns & Disney Bound t-shirt, adding a strip of fabric for length to my Beauty and the Beast skirt, adding lace accents to my Haunted Mansion dress) I still had to buy this fabric when I saw it at JoAnns today.

And a silly picture of me holding it around my waist like a sarong. I'm thinking a knee-length full circle skirt perhaps? It's hard to tell in the first two pictures, but the texture is like a satin, which surprised me, since I assumed this fabric was only available in a quilter's cotton type fabric. I got all the store had left, which was 1 1/2 yards. Looks like I have no shortage of Disney projects coming up!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Help! I'm suffering from TMONED!

If you don't know, that stands for "Too Many Outfits, Not Enough Disney!"

In other words, I now officially have more fun themed outfits to wear to the Disney parks than I have days scheduled to actually be at Disney! How do I possibly pick?

What's a Disney addict to do??

Friday, August 19, 2016

Haunted Mansion Toile Tank - A Review!

The review in short: I love it!

About a week ago I posted about a new Haunted Mansion toile pattern tank top that showed up in Memento Mori at the Magic Kingdom. I immediately jumped on the Disney Shop Parks app and nabbed one.

It arrived last night, and I am entirely pleased with it! The toile pattern is highly detailed and good quality. I bought the top in a size large, as it's the racer-back tank style with a curved bottom hem that I feel looks better on my body type if I belt it to keep a waist. Otherwise the curved bottom hem can accentuate any midsection weight I'm carrying. But a size large drapes well on me. The lace at the top of the racer back is a nice touch, and since I have to wear this tank layered with another, it works!

Some of the details of the toile pattern:

Overall, I highly recommend this shirt to any Haunted Mansion fans who want a classical and romantic looking wardrobe piece!

One bonus picture: I tried to get a shot with my own black cat, Corvin, but he resisted.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Haunted Mansion Day!

My husband has been tracking my Haunted Mansion toile tank top, and I knew it was set to arrive today. Sadly it hadn't arrived by the time I had to leave for work, so I will be eagerly anticipating it when I get home tonight. But one thing DID arrive today that I wasn't expecting: my Haunted Mansion dress from Amazon!

And am I ever tickled with it. The color is lighter than the actual mansion wallpaper, being more of a periwinkle shade of purple than a deep shade. But the Haunted Mansion wallpaper is easy to identify in any color, so that doesn't bother me too much. The dress fits me perfectly, and is the best possible length for wearing in the parks.

 You can see above, I'm wearing the dress with my new Haunted Mansion wallpaper mouse ears, from MouseBands on Etsy. I'm quite pleased with these ears, especially for the price. It's quite hard to find a good pair of HM wallpaper ears at a decent price, and these were.

Today I wore my favorite Haunted Mansion necklace I made from shrinky dink plastic. I still need to do a step by step how-to on here of how to make a shrinky dink necklace for your Disney trip wardrobe.

 You can see my necklace features the famous bat stanchions from the Haunted Mansion. I love all of the symbols and icons of this, my favorite ride, but my favorite by far are the bat stanchions. I tap all of their wee heads as I walk through the queue to get to my Doombuggy, every time. 13 in a row.

In fact, in the above first photo, I'm "ringing a bell" with my bat stanchion bell I purchased on our last trip.

So what's your favorite ride at Disney World? And how would you dress to celebrate it?

Stay tuned for my review of the Haunted Mansion toile tank! I should be receiving its sympathetic vibrations tonight!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Secret Honey Dresses

I'm sure this is old news to some, but the other day I stumbled across a Beauty and the Beast dress by the Japanese clothing brand Secret Honey. I was absolutely smitten with it, but after posting on a Facebook group about it, I was told that apparently the sizing is more pre-teen than teen. So sadly, with my non-petite frame, I'll have to just look for now, until they decide to make these in larger sizes.

This is the dress I saw. The top has images from Beauty and the Beast, done up as constellations. The model is wearing the dress with a turtleneck, but I can picture how lovely it would be to wear on its own as a sundress.

The bottom of the dress features images of the characters in Beauty and the Beast, in front of a series of castles.

What I love about Secret Honey's designs is that they are definitely inspired by Lolita fashion, and some of them verge on being too cutesy for my own taste, but I can see how most could be dressed down into more elegant and fairy tale inspired styles.

Even their sweaters are romantic-looking.

I love the design of this Tiana dress below. Once again, it's close to cosplay, but they interpreted her gown so stylishly.

I've seen plenty of Alice in Wonderland dresses, but this one is about the sweetest I've seen without veering into saccharine. 

You know I love my maxi dresses, so I love this one, inspired by Aladdin.

Tangled lanterns adorn this dress.

And aren't these pants adorable?

This Megara maxi dress is beautiful too

Of all their designs, this Bambi one is by far the most Mori. I love love love it.

And they even have a dress that features my favorite tapestry art from Frozen! This art appears in several places in the parks, but I haven't found it on anything I've wanted to buy till now.

My favorite items I've found are this Beauty and the Beast dress.... Once again, it's paired with a shirt under it, but I can see it worn alone:

and this oh so stunning Merida skirt that could be GORGEOUSLY paired with a top for a Disneybound in the parks.

This Merida skirt I may just have to try to hunt down in the largest size Secret Honey makes and hope it fits.

So if you want to know what sort of "romantic Disney style" I'm talking about on this blog?

Yeah...this is pretty much exactly it.

Monday, August 15, 2016

A Haunted Mansion Lolita Dress

So this morning I was on the Disney Shop Parks app after a tip-off from Disney Fashionista informed me that the new Beauty and the Beast Dooney and Bourke purses were for sale as of today. I decided not to get the Dooney, but while I was on the app, I did a search under keywords "Haunted Mansion" and came across this "Haunted Mansion Lolita Dress" I don't think I've ever seen anywhere on the app or in Facebook groups or in the parks in person before.

It appears to be another optical illusion skater dress, like their "Haunted Mansion Maid" ensemble with its faux printed buttons and collar. But it appears at least from the pictures as if the ribbon bows are actually on there and not just printed. And I love the greyed-out version of the wallpaper at the bottom, and the greyed-out stripe on the rest of it.

There's hardly a bit of information about description beyond the fabric content (94% polyester, 6% spandex) and the sizes to choose. There isn't even an option to find it in the realm of the Disney parks, so I'm guessing it's an app exclusive?

Has anyone seen this before and can tell me more about it? I'm quite intrigued.

Tomorrow, a post about another source for lovely Disney Lolita dresses.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Haunted Mansion Toile Tank

The Facebook group shared this photo yesterday of a new tank top at Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom, and I flipped my lid. It's Haunted.Mansion.Toile. Look at it! Every scene is from the Haunted Mansion! I ran, not walked, over to the Disney Shop Parks buying app, and it was there. Now it's on its way to me!

I like how the top looks all drapey on the hanger, so I bought it in a size large so I can belt it.

Just a heads-up to anyone who might think this is as amazingly awesome as I do.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welcome, Princess Elena of Avalor!

Today in the Magic Kingdom was Princess Elena of Avalor's coronation! And with my love of all things floral, I had to appreciate the flower arches her handmaidens danced with/in.

The princess herself looked just lovely.

To celebrate Elena, here are a few ideas for Disney Bounds!

This dress looks perfectly airy and fun for a day in the parks, and the ruffles are totally Elena. 


I think of Elena's colors as red and teal: red for her gown, teal for the magic stone on her scepter. And of course she wears flowers in her hair, so a flower crown is perfect for a Disney Bound.



I look forward to seeing all the different Elena ears artists create as her popularity grows. So far Etsy has this pair I thought were cute:


And in celebration of Elena's Latina heritage, here are a few Minnie Mouse ensembles from over the years.

Image Source Unknown


¡Saludos y felicitaciones, Princesa Elena de Avalor!