Monday, August 15, 2016

A Haunted Mansion Lolita Dress

So this morning I was on the Disney Shop Parks app after a tip-off from Disney Fashionista informed me that the new Beauty and the Beast Dooney and Bourke purses were for sale as of today. I decided not to get the Dooney, but while I was on the app, I did a search under keywords "Haunted Mansion" and came across this "Haunted Mansion Lolita Dress" I don't think I've ever seen anywhere on the app or in Facebook groups or in the parks in person before.

It appears to be another optical illusion skater dress, like their "Haunted Mansion Maid" ensemble with its faux printed buttons and collar. But it appears at least from the pictures as if the ribbon bows are actually on there and not just printed. And I love the greyed-out version of the wallpaper at the bottom, and the greyed-out stripe on the rest of it.

There's hardly a bit of information about description beyond the fabric content (94% polyester, 6% spandex) and the sizes to choose. There isn't even an option to find it in the realm of the Disney parks, so I'm guessing it's an app exclusive?

Has anyone seen this before and can tell me more about it? I'm quite intrigued.

Tomorrow, a post about another source for lovely Disney Lolita dresses.

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