Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Secret Honey Dresses

I'm sure this is old news to some, but the other day I stumbled across a Beauty and the Beast dress by the Japanese clothing brand Secret Honey. I was absolutely smitten with it, but after posting on a Facebook group about it, I was told that apparently the sizing is more pre-teen than teen. So sadly, with my non-petite frame, I'll have to just look for now, until they decide to make these in larger sizes.

This is the dress I saw. The top has images from Beauty and the Beast, done up as constellations. The model is wearing the dress with a turtleneck, but I can picture how lovely it would be to wear on its own as a sundress.

The bottom of the dress features images of the characters in Beauty and the Beast, in front of a series of castles.

What I love about Secret Honey's designs is that they are definitely inspired by Lolita fashion, and some of them verge on being too cutesy for my own taste, but I can see how most could be dressed down into more elegant and fairy tale inspired styles.

Even their sweaters are romantic-looking.

I love the design of this Tiana dress below. Once again, it's close to cosplay, but they interpreted her gown so stylishly.

I've seen plenty of Alice in Wonderland dresses, but this one is about the sweetest I've seen without veering into saccharine. 

You know I love my maxi dresses, so I love this one, inspired by Aladdin.

Tangled lanterns adorn this dress.

And aren't these pants adorable?

This Megara maxi dress is beautiful too

Of all their designs, this Bambi one is by far the most Mori. I love love love it.

And they even have a dress that features my favorite tapestry art from Frozen! This art appears in several places in the parks, but I haven't found it on anything I've wanted to buy till now.

My favorite items I've found are this Beauty and the Beast dress.... Once again, it's paired with a shirt under it, but I can see it worn alone:

and this oh so stunning Merida skirt that could be GORGEOUSLY paired with a top for a Disneybound in the parks.

This Merida skirt I may just have to try to hunt down in the largest size Secret Honey makes and hope it fits.

So if you want to know what sort of "romantic Disney style" I'm talking about on this blog?

Yeah...this is pretty much exactly it.

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