Saturday, August 27, 2016

New Princess Toile - Couldn't Resist

I couldn't help it. Even though when I'm on vacation in a week or so,  I have many Disney fashion sewing projects to already do (sewing my Minnie floral maxi dress, altering my Flower Crowns & Disney Bound t-shirt, adding a strip of fabric for length to my Beauty and the Beast skirt, adding lace accents to my Haunted Mansion dress) I still had to buy this fabric when I saw it at JoAnns today.

And a silly picture of me holding it around my waist like a sarong. I'm thinking a knee-length full circle skirt perhaps? It's hard to tell in the first two pictures, but the texture is like a satin, which surprised me, since I assumed this fabric was only available in a quilter's cotton type fabric. I got all the store had left, which was 1 1/2 yards. Looks like I have no shortage of Disney projects coming up!

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