Tuesday, August 9, 2016

T-Shirt Alteration Ideas

So yesterday I shared with you our awesome, super fun new t-shirt design for Flower Crowns  & Disney Bound. Since I love the idea of altering clothes to make them more romantic in feel and fairy tale in nature, I thought I'd share a few ideas along those lines with you today.

I wound up ordering the men's style shirt last night in a heathered teal color I really loved. I bought the men's style, even though I always like to wear a fitted shirt, because I've been reading up on a few t-shirt alteration ideas online.

I think for my shirt I'm going to try one of these two methods.

This method has no link to instructions, but I think it looks fairly straightforward. Slice the sleeves and gather the tops with a ribbon, put holes in the sides and use that to lace with a ribbon at front (or as I will end up doing, at back, like a medieval gown)

I also really like this method, which involves narrowing the waist by sewing instead of ribbon, and adding a gathered cold shoulder sleeve as well.

Whichever of these methods I end up trying, I plan to leave the shirt length as it is, so that it will be more of a tunic-style than a t-shirt, and will layer nicely in Mori-Girl style.

For those of you who might want to buy the women's style shirt, but also want to alter it to be a bit more personal and romantically styled, here are a few more ideas.

Add doily pieces to the sleeves or sides. You could also just slice up the bottom half of the shirt and add an inset of lace doily in a triangle shape as well.

Or you could add cute cold shoulder bows to the sleeves.

There are all sorts of t-shirt mod and alteration ideas on Pinterest...these are just a few of my favorites I thought would work well for the TeePublic shirt designs.

And finally, if you need ideas for a romantic skirt to wear with your new shirt, check out this Amazon item I found the other day.

This one skirt listing links to multiple skirts in lovely patterns and colors for decent prices. I haven't tried purchasing any of them yet, but they look promising!

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