Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Haunted Mansion Day!

My husband has been tracking my Haunted Mansion toile tank top, and I knew it was set to arrive today. Sadly it hadn't arrived by the time I had to leave for work, so I will be eagerly anticipating it when I get home tonight. But one thing DID arrive today that I wasn't expecting: my Haunted Mansion dress from Amazon!

And am I ever tickled with it. The color is lighter than the actual mansion wallpaper, being more of a periwinkle shade of purple than a deep shade. But the Haunted Mansion wallpaper is easy to identify in any color, so that doesn't bother me too much. The dress fits me perfectly, and is the best possible length for wearing in the parks.

 You can see above, I'm wearing the dress with my new Haunted Mansion wallpaper mouse ears, from MouseBands on Etsy. I'm quite pleased with these ears, especially for the price. It's quite hard to find a good pair of HM wallpaper ears at a decent price, and these were.

Today I wore my favorite Haunted Mansion necklace I made from shrinky dink plastic. I still need to do a step by step how-to on here of how to make a shrinky dink necklace for your Disney trip wardrobe.

 You can see my necklace features the famous bat stanchions from the Haunted Mansion. I love all of the symbols and icons of this, my favorite ride, but my favorite by far are the bat stanchions. I tap all of their wee heads as I walk through the queue to get to my Doombuggy, every time. 13 in a row.

In fact, in the above first photo, I'm "ringing a bell" with my bat stanchion bell I purchased on our last trip.

So what's your favorite ride at Disney World? And how would you dress to celebrate it?

Stay tuned for my review of the Haunted Mansion toile tank! I should be receiving its sympathetic vibrations tonight!

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