Saturday, August 6, 2016

Minnie Mouse Fashion: A Top Ten of Disney Parks Outfits

Oh Minnie Mouse, you style maven you. I've mentioned before that Minnie is by far the character we meet the most when we're in the parks, because every time we see her she's wearing a new ensemble, and every single time, it's so incredibly adorable, I can't help but want to get my picture with her again.

So I thought it'd be fun to do a top ten of Minnie Mouse's Disney event styles. This list includes outfits she has worn not just at Disney World, but for events worldwide!

So without further ado, let's start!

#10: Minnie Mouse the belly dancer
aboard the Disney Fantasy

Photo by Denise of MouseSteps. Oh Minnie, you rock that beaded fringe like no one else could.

#9: Minnie in Kimono and Flowers
at Tokyo DisneySea.

 Minnie, framed by red and white umbrellas, looking stunning in a red and turquoise kimono with cherry blossoms.

#8: Fairy Queen Minnie 
at Tokyo Disney


I haven't found any details yet about what parade or theme this is from, but just look at her! That headpiece! Those sheer sleeves! Minnie, you're magic!

#7: Minnie the Sorceress
At Be Magical Tokyo DisneySea


I'm not sure if she's a sorceress or wizardess, but either way, she's casting a spell on everyone who gets to see her in this gorgeous ensemble with its ombre purple and pink skirt.

#6: Halloween Witch Minnie 
at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom Disney World

This is the only Minnie Mouse ensemble on my list that I've actually seen in person! It may not be as glittery as other ensembles, but it's perfectly styled and I love it.

#5: Princess Minnie 
Disneyland Paris

Source link expired

That fluffy-edged cloak! That pink crown! Oh Minnie, only you could go that overboard and still WORK IT.

#4: Mermouse Minnie
at Tokyo DisneySea

From Tumblr

Mermouse Minnie. Seriously? I can hardly imagine how it could get any better than this.

#3: Halloween Masquerade Minnie
From the Tokyo DisneySea Mousequerade Dance

Ohhhh nevermind, Minnie. That's how you outdo yourself. This gown would look amazing anywhere on anyone, but Minnie rocks it like no one else can.

#2: 1920s Formal Minnie
From the Disney Fantasy Cruise

From Denise at MouseSteps. Look at the peacock capelet at her shoulders designed to look like stained glass, and mimic the gorgeous chandelier centerpiece of the cruise ship! And that feathered, 1920s-style headband with feathers! The beading and color of the dress! I love love love this ensemble, Minnie. Well done.

And those of you who have followed my blog can probably guess at my...

#1: Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire Minnie
at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Source: Orlando Sentinel
Source: MouseSteps

When Minnie debuted this outfit at the new Magic Kingdom stage show a couple of months ago, I immediately flipped. I love every single little tiny detail of this outfit of hers. The flower crown in beautiful rainbow colors is just the icing on the cake, but I also love her pleated skirt, the scrolly pattern on the overdress, the lacings at the bodice, the ribbons hanging from the flower crown....Every new photo I see from this stage show makes me adore this ensemble more and more.

I plan to do a DisneyBound of this ensemble the next time we go to Disney World. But I'm not the only one inspired. Here are a couple of really cute ears inspired by her ensemble.

This pair have the most accurate flowers to her actual crown. Well done!


But I think when I make mine, I'll want to have the classic black ears like hers.


I hope you enjoyed my top ten! What would your top ten be? Any you think I missed?

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