Friday, August 5, 2016

Florida Flashback Friday - Belle

Today I'm wearing my new Belle shirt to work, while sipping from my new Belle tumbler. Life is good.

Yesterday, Kenny the Pirate announced a new limited time meet and greet with Belle in her gold ball gown in the Magic Kingdom. This meet and greet is only available to those who have bought Memory Maker, and those with an annual pass. She will be meeting in ...amusingly enough... Tom and my "secret relaxing place": the Heritage House space right next to the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square.

I love this idea. Although I've managed to get my photo with Belle in her ballgown during two out of our three trips, it can be awkward asking to join the queue of little kids getting photos with her after the story performance in Enchanted Tales with Belle. You really have to show gumption and initiative and just get right up there from your seat and ask to get a photo.

But the first time we went to Enchanted Tales with Belle, it was only our second day of our first trip to Disney World. When the Wardrobe asked all of us to act out different things, I sang my operatic voice with enthusiasm, and the Cast Member chose me to play the wardrobe. It was my first time ever seeing Belle, and Tom told me that that was the happiest he'd ever seen me. It was at that moment that he realized just how much Beauty and the Beast means to me.

The Wardrobe choosing her cast

The below picture cracks me up. Look at the look of awe on the little girl's face at my feet. Then look at me. Yeah...we never grow up.

Biggest smile humanly possible, coming right up!

Meeting Belle for the first time.

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