Monday, August 8, 2016

Flower Crowns & Disney Bound Logo and Shirts!!!

Today I have a very exciting announcement! Thanks to the artistic skills of my friend Rachel Oakes, and the digital art skills of my friend Lisa Gill, we now have

Flower Crowns & Disney Bound merchandise!!

and an amazing new Flower Crowns and Disney Bound logo.

There are shirts available from TeePublic with our awesome new free-spirited, fairy tale-hearted Flower Crowns & Disney Bound lady on them! Now the hard part for me will be deciding what to get!

Tomorrow I will share ideas for how to alter and modify these t-shirts to make them even more romantic.

But for now, I recommend you go forth and purchase! TeePublic will have these items on sale for 48 more hours because it's a new design, so take advantage of the discount and purchase now!

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