Sunday, May 22, 2016

So What Now?

So that concludes the trip posts from our most recent trip to Disney World! ..........Now what?

I have so much more to say and share about Disney World and the world of Disney! But one of the ongoing themes of this blog (and, now, accompanying Facebook page) will be to serve as a resource for Disney fashion of a romantic, fairytale, ethereal and eclectic style.

Disneybounding, for anyone who doesn't know, is a term for dressing like characters at the Disney parks and beyond, but in a subtle way. Wearing the same colors as Snow White, with an apple on your necklace, would be an example of Disneybounding. And I love Disneybounding! But there are also those of us who like to wear clothes in the parks that reflect our every day style with a Disney twist...long skirts in Disney fabrics, Disney-themed skater dresses, etc.

For many in the Rockabilly or retro communities, wearing fashion to the parks that reflects daily style means wearing retro "Dapper Day"esque fashion to the parks. But for someone like me, who likes to dress in medieval and fairy tale, Mori Girl-type fashion, I'm just now starting to figure out how to translate that style into Disney World, and everyday Disney, fashion.

So what kind of style am I talking about?

I'm talking about flower crowns! Flower crown mouse ears and just plain flower crowns.

Peasant tops and long silk swishy skirts....maxi dresses and bell-sleeved blouses and flower chains.

Minnie knows the style I'm talking about....(more about these later)

So I look forward to sharing all sorts of resources I stumble across for Disney themed or Disney appropriate clothing in a romantic, fairy tale style.

One last thing to share...I stumbled across this art by Morgane Velten of Disney princesses wearing the sort of flowy, layered, Mori girl romantic style I love. 

So cute!! The funny thing is...a lot of the clothes the princesses wear in their movies are totally the sort of thing I'd wear on a daily basis if I could. But you know, you can't wear princess dresses to the park, so the trick is in translating that style to dailywear you CAN wear!

So what sort of thing would you like to see on this blog? I'd love to hear from you!

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