Sunday, May 15, 2016

An Introduction

Welcome, one and all, to my new blog! First let me explain the name a little bit. I am a fairy tale-loving, flower crown wearing dreamer with Mori Girl style, and my husband and I are hugely obsessive Disney fans. We try to visit Disney World once a year, and have been doing so since our first trip in 2013.

I'm sort of known for wearing flower crowns, so on our trips to Disney, I try to stick with the ethereal fairy tale look in my parks fashion whenever I can, adding a Disney twist. This means things like making and wearing flower crown Minnie ears, Disneybounding as favorite characters, wearing dresses that look like Belle's stained glass windows from Beauty and the Beast, etc.

During our most recent trip to Disney World in May 2016, I walked around the parks thinking about how much I love Disney World, and how I would love to have a place to specifically share my ideas, tips, and tricks on making one's Disney trip an immersive, magical, and enchanted experience. This is my place to do so!

And yes, the Jawa in this picture is wearing a pair of my flower crown Minnie ears. It was one of my favorite moments from our trip just last week. <3

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