Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mickey Kitchen Sinks / Mickey Pants Bowls

Last October, Tom and I got our first "Kitchen Sink" sundae at the Magic Kingdom. There are actually two sundae's in "the World" known as Kitchen Sinks. One is served at Beaches and Cream ice cream parlour on the Boardwalk. This one is jaw-droppingly massive and although I have never found the exact calorie content, it's rumored to be around 10,000 calories. This kitchen sink is a much more shareable four scoops of ice cream with topping and whipped cream, served in a special container that looks like a kitchen sink made from Mickey Mouse's red pants. You can get this special treat at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlour at the end of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom for $14.99.

And then you get to keep the Mickey Pants container/bowl! But what to do with it when you get home? You can, of course, save them to use for ice cream. That's certainly one use for them.

I've seen a few people use them for holding kitchen sink sponges and soaps.

Or to hold all those soaps and shampoos from your Disney trip.

by Dawn Thomas on Facebook

They can be used to hold candy for themed birthday parties and events (this is such a cute candy buffet!)

As a silly photo-op for Elf on the Shelf

And I've seen a few people make a beautiful moss topiary in the shape of Mickey heads using styrofoam balls, skewers, and moss.

Some people use them for vases for cut flowers:

Or fill with dirt and use them for succulents. This is the most likely thing I'm going to try with my two sinks.

Or with a Christmas Cactus


So what do you think? Any other ideas for reusing a Mickey Pants/Kitchen Sink bowl? Which is your favorite?

For those of us who have fond memories of the Kitchen Sink, there's even a Precious Moments statue featuring this new Disney classic dessert! If I was more of a Precious Moments fan, I would so need this.

Please note: I got the above images from Pinterest, and none were credited. If your image is included and you would like to be credited or for it to be removed, please just leave a comment and I'll be happy to do so.

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