Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mousesteps - The Best Source for Disney News

If you've read through my trip posts, you might have noticed me refer to a Disney parks resource for all the latest information on entertainment in the Orlando area, and at all the Disney parks worldwide.

After we returned from our first Disney World trip in 2013, we got into the habit of watching YouTube videos about the parks every night before bed. It always seemed as if one YouTube channel's videos kept popping up in our searches, and were always among the best videos taken of any particular subject. It got to the point where if we did a search under a certain topic (Disney parades, fireworks, ride videos, etc) we would seek out the videos done by this channel. And then finally we just went straight to their YouTube page and started at their very first video, going through and watching all of them in order.

This resource I am talking about is Mousesteps, the website, the YouTube channel, and the half hour YouTube show they do, Mousesteps Weekly, summarizing what is happening in the world of Disney and in Orlando entertainment each week. Jeff and Denise have incredible rapport, and their YouTube videos are always a great blend of their personal opinions and unbiased information on what is up and coming. Both of them have been attending the parks for decades, and they pepper their videos with fascinating information on how the parks have changed over time. For instance, they might be discussing the changes in this year's Halloween party parade (Boo to You), and Jeff or Denise might observe that a new float is actually one that was used in a previous parade, just repainted and re-themed. Their videos are full of this sort of fun observation that any Disney fan will enjoy.

Mousesteps also has a Facebook page, and it's a great place to get up to the minute information on Disney details as major as new attraction openings, and as minor (but really important to us Disney-philes) as what new merchandise is available in the stores around Disney World. Their reviews of new restaurants, new Disney cruise offerings, and new attractions really aren't to be beat. And they even attend special events at the Disney resort hotels that might go largely unnoticed, like Cinco de Mayo celebrations, golf cart parades, and chocolate Easter egg decorating competitions.

My husband and I now consider Jeff and Denise to be friends, but we discovered them through YouTube, and continue to watch every new video they post!

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