Thursday, March 2, 2017

17 Days of Beauty and the Beast - Day 2: Beast!

Confession time: I am not entirely coming up with these outfits on the fly. I wrote down a rough list of outfit ideas ahead of time to make sure I'd have enough to fit all seventeen days. When I thought of this outfit plan, I knew I wanted to wear these ram horns with the shirt. But I pushed it forward in the "schedule" when a friend told a story about a stranger she saw who wore a pair of ram horns to Lowes. Good for her! In solidarity, I decided to wear and share this today.

Over the centuries since Beauty and the Beast was first written (and in various similar tales before that), the Beast has been visually represented in a variety of ways. He has been simian (monkey-like), appeared as a warthog, a bear-type creature, oxen-esque, horned, and antlered. In celebration of this variety, I'm wearing my ram  horns from Linden Sidhe Designs with a deer antler necklace from Etsy. The shirt I got from Macy's...despite it being a men's baggy shirt design, I loved the sketchy image of Beast on there. And it works well over leggings because it's longer than a woman's shirt. For a finishing touch, I'm wearing my black sweater wristlets with (100% faux) fur on the edge from Amazon.

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