Saturday, June 4, 2016

Minnie Fabric and Dress Plans!

The other day while searching for more Disney fabrics, I stumbled across this fabric on the JoAnn Fabrics site and immediately loved it. A floral fabric covered in Minnie Mouses and in a polyester spandex blend instead of the oh so common quilter's cotton! A fabric that would be easy to make a maxi dress from!

I swung by the Columbus store when we were near there to see Jungle Book today, and wound up getting the very last of the bolt of fabric.

See all the Minnie Mouses on the fabric? Ahh I love it!!

Now, of course I'm not planning to wear this as a toga. It's time to pick a pattern! A maxi dress pattern of course, since this fabric is so soft and comfy I'd love to have it swish around.

I like this as a basic maxi dress pattern:

But I want to add some sort of a flutter sleeve, like this one maybe?

Or one like this vintage pattern. I have a vintage dress like this one that I LOVE to wear in summertime.


And of course when the dress is done, I'll be making a pair of flower crown Minnie ears in pretty vivid flowers like the ones on the fabric!  I'm quite excited!

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