Monday, June 6, 2016

Haunted Mansion Disneybound Ideas

It all started last night with a pair of ears. DoomBuggies on Facebook shared a pair of mouse ears made to look like either the Hatbox Ghost, or Phineas the Hitchhiking Ghost.

The Haunted Mansion is far and away my favorite ride, attraction, or experience at Disney World. And these ears are just so creatively done! The Etsy store selling them is on a break right now, but I'm curious to see the price when they return.

This led me down a rabbit hole of searching for Haunted Mansion Disneybounds. The most prevalent way to Disneybound the Haunted Mansion is by recreating the famous purple wallpaper with a brocade dress, or even a dress made from the famous pattern. I was, however, able to find this Polyvore collection that included the idea that appealed to me: Disneybounding as one of the ghosts by wearing mostly teal with a bit of white.

I'm definitely adding that to my list of potential ensemble inspirations at the parks.

Then there's this gorgeous dress, which combines the ghosts with the wallpaper. Best of both! And the design has such romantic sensibility, of course I love it. I could see this paired with a mouse ears flower crown with purple roses and teal Hitchhiking Ghosts on the ears themselves. 

I was so inspired, and so enjoyed, looking up different Haunted Mansion 'bounds last night, I had to do my own improvised version today with more of a boho feel. It felt odd going without a flower crown: if I had one in black roses, I totally would have worn it.

Another favorite aspect of the ride is the Tightrope Girl in the Stretching Room. I've seen plenty of people recreate an actual costume of her ensemble, but I am quite impressed with this woman's casual Disneybounding take on the outfit. Totally recognizable, but still a 'Bound and not a costume.

But my favorite visual cue of the Haunted Mansion are the bat stanchions in the Doombuggy queue. (Notice they're on my necklace I made, my earrings, and my scarf above). During our second trip, I started the ritual of patting each of them on the head as I walked to the Doombuggies. This was how I discovered that there are...wait for it...13 in a row. (There are two others, but not in a roped row)

Photo by Arthur Lyons

PhoenixFire Designs wore a lovely Dapper Day ensemble for the spring event just two months ago, and it featured a really beautiful bat stanchion necklace.

The necklace is now available for sale on her site. This one is quite tempting for me...

There are so very many more Haunted Mansion items available online, but these were a few things I especially liked.

Finally, I just had to share one actual costume. Just look at this brilliantly done Madame Leota costume.


  1. Love that purple dress with the ghosts!! :)

  2. You should buy some tiny black roses and make a black flower crown to go with the dress.