Saturday, June 18, 2016

Disney Gets the Flower Crowns!

Photo by Mousesteps

Disney is starting to get the message about flower crowns (grin). Have you seen Minnie Mouse's outfit from the new Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire? Oh my goodness. I love it! I'm already searching Ebay for pleated skirts to do a Disneybound of this ensemble.

Photo by Kenny the Pirate

What a beautiful flower crown!!

Today after went to see Finding Dory, we stopped by the Disney Store, and they got the message too! I love this new line of Frozen art with Elsa's hair twined with flowers and snow crystals.

But this is what I wound up coming home with. There's this new line of MXYZ items, and this is a rubber pencil case. As soon as I saw it, I thought "oh yes...Disney trip autographs!" Still working out the details, since the white oil paint Sharpie tends to scratch off easily so I'll have to top coat it with something. But I still think it'll work out well! Imagine this covered with white autographs.

And as soon as I saw this Mrs. Potts lunch bag, I had to have it. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie ever. <3