Saturday, June 11, 2016

Flower Crown Princess Buttons!

During our last trip to Disney World, we came prepared with 1" buttons for most of the princesses and face characters we met, featuring a joke or slogan or quote pertaining to the character. It was our way of trying to bring joy to their days. And of course I want to do it again for this trip. So a couple of weeks ago, I discovered the art series of DeviantArtist princessbeautycase. She did an art series featuring....

....All the Disney Princesses in flower crowns.

I mean, what? How perfect is that??

Here are just a few of my favorites....


The whole series is seriously awesome. She put a lot of thought into the flowers for each princess, giving Pocahontas sunflowers, Moana tropical flowers, Ariel flowers that could come from undersea, etc.

So I contacted the artist and asked her permission to make buttons for the characters using her art, and give them out on our next trip. (which is still being scheduled....might be later this year) She graciously said yes, so this happened:

I am so excited to give the princesses their buttons, and show the picture of all of the wonderful artworks princessbeautycase has created!

Just for fun, here's a collage of various pictures of me giving buttons to characters from our last trip. It was a pretty big hit, especially with Tiana, whose button was especially funny.


  1. That's pretty awesome! Why was Tiana's button funny?

  2. JupieGirl, hers had a picture of her and Naveen as frogs with their tongues tangled (remember that scene?) and said "When our kids ask how we met, let's leave this part out." She loved it! :)