Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Disney Fabric & Romantic Maxi Dresses

One of the things I really want to see more of are Disney-themed maxi dresses. I love wearing long skirts: the swish of fabric around my ankles, the way they can be warm in winter and cool in summer. But as you saw from yesterday's finds, most of the dresses out there, though cute, are on the shorter side of things.

So one thing I hope to start trying soon is making my own romantic-style maxi dresses using Disney fabrics! I thought I'd share a few resources I've come across and enjoyed.

First, if you want a lovely maxi dress, you may want to hunt through thrift stores and eBay for the perfect vintage sheets. Etsy seller lynnsrags has this adorable example.

And here's a great tutorial on how to make a dress from a jersey knit sheet. It might not lay quite the same if you used a cotton sheet set, unless it was extremely worn in, but it's worth trying. There are a few other tutorials online on how to make a maxi dress from a bed sheet, including this one that has great potential, on how to make a maxi dress from a sheet and a t-shirt.

Hmm..I have lots of Disney t-shirts...

And a simple search on eBay for "vintage Disney sheets" yields all sorts of fun results! 

Another option would be to buy fabric by the yard, and a maxi-dress pattern. The project I hope to try soon is a maxi dress with a Disney-print cotton bodice, and a long flowing fabric skirt. Toward that end, I've been eyeing different "romantic" print Disney fabrics. Here are a few favorites I've found.

This princess toile is a little too pink for me, but it would look awfully pretty as the bodice of any dress, long or short.

This toile is available in several colors if you search the internet, but I think I like it best in this subdued gray:

This sweet fabric is in a nice neutral gray as well, and I love the subtle floral print.

Or if these fabrics are a little too neutral for you, here's a lovely Mickey paisley.

Or perhaps you can score some of this elusive Mickey head damask. I couldn't find any current auctions for it.

If I was a bigger fan of Bambi (I like it fine, just not enough for a dress) I'd be so tempted to use this sweet fabric for a maxi dress.

Or this Tinkerbell flannel is very sweet, as long as you're not making your dress to visit the parks in summer.

I really love how cheerful this Mickey and Minnie print floral is.

If you want to find similar fabrics in Disney versions of elegant patterns, some keywords to try are

Disney toile
Disney paisley
Disney damask
Disney floral

And then of course you can start over using "Mickey" instead of Disney.

Happy hunting!


  1. So great! I've made some maxi and vintage style dresses using sheets and upcycled tops before. It's really fun and easy and a great project to try!

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