Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Logo and Shirt Design!

As you all know, I really love the Flower Crowns & Disney Bound Girl designed and drawn by my friend Rachel Oakes, and available on shirts.

But I also felt like I wanted a design that had the name of my site on it. Since I love the play on words of "Flower Crowns & Disney Bound" and felt like it was worthy of a shirt too. So I drew one up!

And it's now also available as a shirt!

I styled up my last FC&DB Girl shirt up as a tunic top with the design tall and long on the front, but I intentionally designed this one to (hopefully, won't know for sure till I buy one and confirm it) be a small enough printed area that you can wear the women's cut shirt tucked into a skirt and still see the whole design above the waist band, or wear a looser style belted and not cut off any of the design.

I can just see this shirt worn with a long floral maxi skirt sweeping around your ankles, like this chiffon number from Amazon.

And perhaps this adorable Minnie flower headband, in shades of purple instead?, from Etsy seller PixieDustPrettiess

Or of course the classic flower crown mouse ears.

As per TeePublic's usual practice with new shirt designs, this design will be available at a discounted rate for the next three days or so, and then the cost will go up, unless they are having one of their occasional $14 shirt sales. So grab one now, here!

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