Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lengthening a Beauty and the Beast Skirt

The grand sewing and crafting extravaganza continues!

Several months ago, I ordered this Beauty and the Beast skirt, in one size fits all, which is normally not an issue. And the waist band wasn't an issue: the length was. It was so short, I couldn't even excuse wearing it anywhere. When I did wear it, I'd have to either pair it with leggings or with a longer skirt, and honestly it was so short, both of those options looked a little silly.

Well, we fixed it!!

We added a band of, of all perfect things, a William Morris fabric I had on-hand thanks to my friend Briony, to the bottom, and covered the seam between with lace. I honestly adore how it looks now.

The Morris pattern looks like roses among thorns, so it's perfect not only color-wise, but theme-wise.

Once again, a before and after:

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