Friday, September 9, 2016

Trip Outfit Crafting!

So as I announced yesterday, we are planning a trip back to Disney World this December! Which means...outfit planning, sewing, and ear making!

Making my Minnie Friendship Faire Flower Crown ears the other day was so fun, I decided to make a couple more the very next day.

First, a Cinderella (2015) themed pair of ears to wear with my Cinderella's castle skirt on our trip.

And I wasn't sure what ears would look good with my Flower Crowns & Disney Bound girl shirt (once I get it altered and jazzed up), but when I saw these black and white silk flowers, I knew they'd be perfect!


I also found this cute pair of leggings on Amazon that I think might look good with the shirt too.

And you may remember I bought a Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress off Amazon...

But I wanted to add some personality to it, so mom and I added some lace detail:

Still so much to do, but I'm excited about what I've done!

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  1. The Haunted Mansion dress looks 100x better than the original. :) Love it!